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(1) Tender For Painting Of Head Frame And Related Structures Of Turamdih Vertical Shaft At Singhbhum.

Reference No: 8132 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: 1997150 Due Date: 02/07/2021

(2) Tender For Seapage Proof Treatment Of Walls Including Painting And Flooring Of The Office Of General Manager -Finance Company Secretary World Bank Section And O And M Section Of JUSNL Hqr At Kusai Colony Doranda Ranchi

Reference No: 4860 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: Refer Document Due Date: 19/02/2021

(3) AR And MO Of Residential Building Of CBI At Dhanbad Jharkhand For 202021 SH Welcome Painting Various Repair Works During Occupation And Vacation Of CBI Residential Qtrsand Other Miscellaneous Repair Works For Attendance Of Major And Minor Complaints For CBI Colony Jagjivan Nagar At Dhanbad Jharkhand

Reference No: 4745 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: 1407012 Due Date: 05/02/2021

(4) Annual Repair And Maintenance Of To Residential Building Of DGMS Dhanbad Jharkhand SH Painting Distempering Repair Of False Ceiling And Other Miscellaneous Repair Work Of DG Residence Of DGMS At Dhanbad

Reference No: 3491 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: 569740 Due Date: 28/01/2021

(5) Tender For Painting And Repairing Of Steel Almirah In The Office Of EE-Dhanbad CPWD Dhanbad

Reference No: 3412 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: 71190 Due Date: 22/01/2021

(6) Repair Of Locker Bed Side Steel Single Door And Its Painting For SRC PRC And Other Units At Ramgarh Cantt Under GE Ramgarh Cantt

Reference No: 3334 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: Refer Document Due Date: 15/02/2021

(7) Renovation, Repairing And Painting In Divisional Office, Sub Divisional Office And Other Allied Works At Zila School Tower Campus Under D.W. And S. Mechanical Division, Ranchi.

Reference No: 3300 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: Refer Document Due Date: 25/01/2021

(8) Tender For Painting Of Thd 1955 Radar Antenna Drive System And Its Supporting Structure At Ranchi.

Reference No: 3041 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: Refer Document Due Date: 01/02/2021

(9) Repair And Painting To Steel Furniture Under Ge Ranchi

Reference No: 2954 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: Refer Document Due Date: 23/01/2021

(10) Tender For Internal Painting Along With Minor Repair Works Of Hostel J And Hostel K At Nit Jamshedpur Sh Providing Services For The Office Of The Assistant Engineer Project Sub Division I C1 Cpwd Jamshedpur Jharkhand

Reference No: 1516 Location: Jharkhand
Estimate Amount: 256452 Due Date: 15/12/2020

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