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Tender Infotech Is The Most Trustworthy And Reliable Tender Supplying Firm Which Smoothly Co-Relates Between The Current Market Scenario And Growth Corresponding To The Trending Tender Details And Schemes. The Best Motivational Purpose That Roads The Customers Towards Us Is That We Give Value Added Services To Our Potential Customers And Provide Information Of All Sizes And Types Of The Tenders. We Believe In Giving The Best Services To Those Who Are Consistent In Buying Tenders And Also To Ensure The Safest + Profitable Path To The Customers.

(1) Construction of Cafeteria at Drangyari including Landscaping furnishing, Furniture

Reference No: 9583 Location: Jammu And Kashimir
Estimate Amount: 199000 Due Date: 27/09/2021

(2) P/L C.C.Flooring in Streat Harmel Behal and adjoining Streat word no.13

Reference No: 9582 Location: Punjab
Estimate Amount: 433000 Due Date: 07/10/2021

(3) Special Repair i.e. Painting, PVC Paneling of PWSSB SE Office, SE Residence, EE 2 Official Residence 75/2 Staff Quarter Officer Colony, Rest House Furniture repair, 3rd, 4th Class Quarters and Storage Shed at Circle Store for shifting of Hsp storage At Jalandhar.

Reference No: 9581 Location: Punjab
Estimate Amount: 2421000 Due Date: 13/10/2021

(4) Balance Work (Civil Work, Plumbing Work and Electrical Work) of Harizan Chaupal Village, Kherki Daula, Ward No. 25, Zone-IV under Municipal Corporation Gurugram.

Reference No: 9580 Location: Haryana
Estimate Amount: 3649069 Due Date: 06/10/2021

(5) Expression of interest (EOI) for the Architectural consultancy services At Panchkula.

Reference No: 9579 Location: Haryana
Estimate Amount: Refer Document Due Date: 27/09/2021

(6) Work for roof tile terracing and painting on control room building at 220 KV Sub Stn HVPNL Narwana and at 132 KV Sub Stn HVPNL Narwana New

Reference No: 9578 Location: Haryana
Estimate Amount: 528272 Due Date: 04/10/2021

(7) Tender For Civil Work At Jaunpur.

Reference No: 9577 Location: Uttar Pradesh
Estimate Amount: 2398866 Due Date: 28/09/2021

(8) Repairing And Painting Work Of Office Building Bank Building And Boundary Wall Of Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority Sector 7 Gida Gorakhpur

Reference No: 9576 Location: Uttar Pradesh
Estimate Amount: 1973952 Due Date: 29/09/2021

(9) Ar Mo Building In Bm-Pk Division During 2021-22 Distempering Painting And Finishing Work At Atal Adarsh Vidyalya Aurnagzeb Lane New Delhi.

Reference No: 9575 Location: Delhi
Estimate Amount: 498042 Due Date: 30/09/2021

(10) Construction of Porta Cabin for AAMC including Construction of Shade and Provision of Furniture Provision of Water Tank at P-2 Block Near Barat Ghar, Sultanpuri and D-2 Community Centre, Opposite D-2/492, Sultanpuri, Delhi

Reference No: 9574 Location: Delhi
Estimate Amount: 5484743 Due Date: 28/09/2021

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